Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Coin Paper And Hanky Trick

Magic tricks do not habitually have to be difficult; generally even the most easy of tricks can be very beautiful with the precise presentation and practice. You might like to use magic as a vehicle for inspiring your companions, parents or fiancee. I'll teach you a few straightforward tricks that you can use to realize these objectives.

For the first magical trick you will require a coin of any denomination, a 5x5" piece of paper, some tape and a scarf. It's probably a good idea to beg the coin and even have it splotched with a nib if you like. Place the paper onto the counter with the coin arranged at its center. You now continue to overlay the paper down so the top edge comes down to the base leaving approx a 1" gap. Next, crimp the left edge of the paper around to the back so that it meets the center and do the same thing to the right side of the bundle. Crimp half an inch of the top of the paper down so it appears you created a packet.

Let the spectators handle the bundle to tetify that the coin is still inside. Bend/fold the top of the paper packet downward so that it seems to completely trap the coin inside the paper parcel that you have created. Let your friends touch the parcel to guarantee that the coin is still inside once again. Secretly let the coin slip out of the parcel and into your hand. Use this hand to fetch the hanky from your pocket leaving the coin behind.

Drape the handkerchief over the parcel and let one of your witness hold the package through the cloth. Say the magic words and then disclose that the coin has vanished entirely from the paper unit to finish and startle everyone who is watching. your friends will think that you are an amazing magician and might consider booking you in future to be a wedding magician for them.

For another trick using a coin and a neckerchief, secretly sew a small coin into the seam of a handkerchief. The coin is attached in close to the corner of the bandana. You also covertly secrete a coin of the same denomination below your wrist watch. You then obtain a coin of the same denomination.

Hold the handkerchief by the corners privately holding the coin within the small cloth in the same hand that carries the borrowed coin. Appear to lay the borrowed coin under the neckerchief but covertly hold the one that is attached into the piping from the exterior with the other hand. Have the viewer hold the coin through the cloth. They don't know that they are hugging the coin attached into the large cloth.

Say the magic words and jerk the cloth away with a flourish to announce that the coin has faded. You can now report that the coin has seemingly made a journey by magic and has appeared under you wrist watch! Your acquaintances will give you great praise for being such a clever corporate magician!

Remember that magic is only dumbfounding and inspiring to your following if you do not utter the secrets. You will not get any esteem for being brilliant or dazzling if you give away how your magical effects are done. Always withhold the secret to how you effect you magic tricks to yourself and not in any way tell or demonstrate them to anyone.